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Department Student Associations


ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTER TECHNOCRATS (ACT) is a Department Student Association in CSE department is started in 2016 and run by students, for students. They play a crucial role in fostering a vibrant and engaging campus life, providing opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and community involvement. The ACT brings together like-minded individuals who share common interests and goals.

Objectives of ACT, in CSE department:

  1. Involving all the students in academic pursuits, professional development, cultural awareness, social issues, sports, or any other area of interest.
  2. Usually led by students who serve as officers or executives. They are responsible for organizing events, coordinating initiatives, managing finances, and representing the interests of their members.
  3. Open to all students who wish to participate.
  4. Organize a wide range of activities and events throughout the academic year. These may include academic workshops, guest lectures, cultural celebrations, competitions, social gatherings, and more. The purpose is to enhance the college experience and create a sense of belonging among students.
  5. Provide a platform for students to connect with peers who share similar interests. They facilitate networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among students, fostering a sense of community and support.

Overall, ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTER TECHNOCRATS (ACT) in college contribute to the development of students by providing them with extracurricular opportunities, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting personal and professional growth. They are an integral part of the college experience, offering students a chance to engage, explore their passions, and leave a lasting impact on their campus community.

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                        Department  Association(ACT)   Events                                
S.No Year Name of the Student  Participated in  Winner/Runner
1 III B.Tech N.Veera Babu Cricket Winner
2 A.Sasi Kumar Cricket Winner
3 Ch.Krishna Murthy Cricket Winner
4 N.Naveen Cricket Winner
5 G.Ravi Sudheer Cricket Winner
6 Y.Goutham Cricket Winner
7 R.Ramu Cricket Winner
8 B.Mani Shankar Cricket Winner
9 M.Naveen Cricket Winner
10 A.Anandh Cricket Winner
11 T.Pratap Reddy Cricket Winner
12 A.Siddartha Cricket Winner
13 II B.Tech N.Sindhuja Topic-Presentation First place
14 Y.S.V.S.Madhu Priya Topic-Presentation First place
15 N.Vasanthi Topic-Presentation Second Place
16 V.Jahnavi Topic-Presentation Second Place
17 III B.Tech K.Harsha Vardhan Quiz Winner
18 K.Nava Durga Prasad Quiz Winner
19 M.Surendra Quiz Winner
20 III B.Tech M.Josephine Jayaraj Throwball Winner
21 K.Geetha Throwball Winner
22 S.Mounika Throwball Winner
23 R.Anusri Throwball Winner
24 R.Aparna Throwball Winner
25 M.Aparna Throwball Winner
26 M.Chandrika Throwball Winner
27 II B.Tech G.Swapna Throwball Runner
28 D.Dedeepya Throwball Runner
29 K.Pravallika Throwball Runner
30 G.Purna Throwball Runner
31 P.Tejaswi Throwball Runner
32 M.Madhuri Throwball Runner
33 P.Sarika Throwball Runner
34 III B.Tech K.Ganesh Kabaddi Winner
35 M.Naveen Kabaddi Winner
36 K.Veera Kabaddi Winner
37 Ch.Krishna Murthy Kabaddi Winner
38 M.Sri Teja Kabaddi Winner
39 Jyothi Prasad Kabaddi Winner
40 D.Vamsi krishna Kabaddi Winner
41 K.Sai Kabaddi Winner
42 D.Satish Kabaddi Winner
43 II B.Tech M.S.S.Lakshman Batminton-Boys Winner
44 K.Yashwanth Batminton-Boys Winner
45 SK.Milad Batminton-Boys Runner
46 T.Rajendra Batminton-Boys Runner
47 III B.Tech M.Josephine  Batminton-Girls Winner
48 R.Anu sree Batminton-Girls Winner
49 II B.Tech P.Reshma Batminton-Girls Runner
50 M.Sowjanya Batminton-Girls Runner
51 III B.Tech R.Sreenivas Discussthrow Winner
52 II B.Tech G.V.V.Sai Kumar Discussthrow Runner
53 III B.Tech R.Srinivas Shotput Winner
54 III B.Tech K.Anu Anand Kumar Shotput Runner
55 Y.Goutham Chess Winner
56 M.Chandra teja Naidu Chess Runner
57 II B.Tech T.Jhanvi Chess Winner
58 Ch.Sathvika Chess Runner
59 III B.Tech N.Naveen Running Winner
60 II B.Tech P.Shankar Running Runner